Many IT professionals searching for New Jobs

October 29 2019 0 Comments

Many peoples working in IT Companies seem to be unhappy Because of there increments handed out to them in the last annual appraisal cycle (June-July),This Results IT professionals  to look for a New Jobs


The dipstick study, 'The Rise in Active Job Seekers' and conducted by staffing firm Xpheno, compared the number of IT professionals searching for jobs in August and September with those in the previous two months.

IT professionals who are looking for a change mostly & having a experience of 15 years and upwards, according to two other recruitment companies — TeamLease Services & ABC Consultants.

Nearly 17.2 lakh employees in top 13 IT services companies were mapped and 4.72 lakh employees (27%) were found to be actively searching jobs in August-September in IN, compared with 1.68 in June-July, according to Xpheno's study. They received almost negligible increment in the previous annual appraisal cycle,


Xpheno founder Kamal Karanth said. The hikes on an average have been below 5% (in some cases 1-2%) in most of the IT services companies.


This study covered employees from the Companies likes of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Wipro, Infosys, HCL Technologies and Cognizant Technologies.  eached out to most of these companies, but didn't get any response until press time Monday to emails seeking comment.

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