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Website Optimization (of SEO) - the basis for the advancement and promotion of the site. The purpose of website optimization - to achieve high relevance of pages on a site important for the business key words in the search engines. This makes it possible to achieve high attendance and, as a consequence, the commercial success of a site due to traffic from search engines.Proper SEO optimization is based on the optimization of content and the correct calculation of the weight of keywords and proper formatting meta tags of every page of the site.

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If the recent past, the Internet was used primarily to search for information, but today the situation has changed dramatically. The increasing number of Internet users, new technology (communication with the target audience via the website, payment system via the Internet, the ability to order on-line, etc.) and many other factors have transformed the Internet and in the most powerful marketing tool in place for sales simultaneously. For example, e-commerce boom is definitely proves that skillfully used the Internet technologies bring stable profits for website owners.

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